What is a precinct delegate?

A Precinct Delegate is an elected local representative of the Democratic Party, charged with working within their neighborhood to engage and inform voters and to turn out the vote for Democratic candidates. The role of a Precinct Delegate is truly one of the most important of any elected office. Active Precinct Delegates win elections for the Democratic Party. Precinct Delegates are the foundation of the Party structure. Precinct Delegates collect and share information that is integral to a particular election about candidates and issues. Precinct Delegates should become members of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) upon their election if they are not already members, and they are encouraged to attend their local Democratic meetings and Party Conventions. Precinct Delegates also play an important role in the Party‚Äôs functions, voting to nominate candidates, elect Party leadership, and adopt the Party Platform.  

What is a Precinct Delegate Candidate?

A Precinct Delegate Candidate is a Precinct Delegate who has not yet been duly elected but who has or intends to file with the County Elections Office to run for Precinct Delegate in the Primary election in an even numbered year. Precinct Delegate Candidates work with any Precinct Delegates in their Precinct and have the exact same role and responsibilities.

What is a Precinct Team Member?

A Precinct Team Member is a volunteer who helps the Precinct Delegate(s) and/or Precinct Delegate Candidate(s) in their Precinct, but who is not sure that they currently have the time or interest to become a Delegate. A Team Member would work under the direction of the Precinct Delegate to assist with Precinct work.

Why Are Precinct Delegates Important?

A lack of Precinct Delegates leads to lower voter turnout in under-served neighborhoods, especially in midterm and local elections. Without active precinct delegates, voters can feel disconnected from the Party. Over time, this leads to fewer viable candidates running for local office, and eventually impacts Party candidates for statewide office. Fewer precinct delegates can also reinforce the perception of a "top down" Party structure and lack of grassroots community-level participation.