Helping Precinct Delegates to elect candidates who reflect our values and vision

DPDOC is committed to helping Oakland County’s roughly 775 Democratic Precinct Delegates to be effective in their role. We do that by providing training, putting resources at your fingertips, and helping you to use campaign-related tools such as VAN, MiniVAN and WAVE. DPDOC has asked each Democratic Club in Oakland County to create two positions which will facilitate our mutual work.

-The clubs’s Precinct Delegate Liaison serves as the communication link between DPDOC and the Dem club. DPDOC hosts periodic meetings for PD Liaisons to share information and best practices.

-The club’s Data/Tech Liaison creates walk and phone lists for PD’s, particularly between the times that One Campaign is active. DPDOC trains these liaisons in cutting lists in VAN, as well as providing support and training on other topics.

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Together let’s elect Democrats who share our values to city offices this year. Next year let’s re-elect those women from Michigan, as well as Democratic candidates up and down the ticket!